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Shenguan is principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of edible collagen sausage casing products, pharmaceutical products, food products, skin care and health care products and bioactive collagen products.


One of the Group’s principal businesses is the manufacture and sale of edible collagen sausage casings, most of which are used for the production of western sausages. Product innovation and diversification by sausage manufacturers continued to create demand for sausage casings of different sizes and fillings. In order to keep pace with the new trend of the domestic meat product industry, the Group launched new products that can be applied to more types of sausages fillings to cater for the market. These new products are gradually marketed and adopted.


The Group is committed to stepping up the development of its collagen technologies, with an aim to establish a base for the production of safe, reliable and standard materials required by the health industry. The move will also upgrade and transform the collagen industry and proactively promote the application of collagen in the health industry. “Meday” instant edible solid collagen and “COLL-FULL” collagen membrane facial masks were marketed since 2016.


Our 80% owned subsidiary, Guangdong Victory Biotech Co., Ltd. has been certified by Guangdong provincial authorities for the corporate standards on “Fibrous Type I Collagen (Q/SCSW 2-2017)”, “Medical Soluble Type I Collagen (Q/SCSW 3-2017)” and “Collagen Wound Dressing (Q/SCSW 4-2017)”. In addition, Guangdong Victory is also lodging a number of applications for patents, of which the patents for “Artificial Bone Structure” were granted by the State Intellectual Property Office and the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office and “Preparation Method of Low Endotoxin Collagen” was accepted by the State Intellectual Property Office, Taiwan Intellectual Property Office and United States Patent and Trademark Office.


Our 25% associated company, Ferguson (Wuhan) Biotech Company Limited is putting efforts in research and development of health food, general food and special food for medical purposes, of which, soybean isoflavone glucosamine sulfate chondroitin calcium soft capsule, the function of which is to increase bone density, has obtained new health food registration approval; soft capsules for pregnant women, new little Ferguson soft capsules and new calcium tablets for pregnant women have obtained the new health food filing approval; and the health food registration of methylated folic acid has entered the stage of material declaration and the first technical review.