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Shenguan is principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of edible collagen sausage casing products, pharmaceutical products, food products, skin care and health care products and collagen medical devices.


During 2021, the Group focused on the guiding philosophy of “seizing opportunities to promote new products and making new achievements in product diversification in an all-round manner” and continued to take stabilizing the quality of collagen sausage casings products as its top priority. The Group implemented the accountability system and supervision system from production segment to sales segment for stringent management of food production site environment to ensure the normal operation of facilities and equipment as well as proper production operation, so as to guarantee product quality. On the other hand, the Group also adjusted its marketing strategies to actively expand the collagen sausage casings market and fully started the production and sales of new products, and speeded up the automation transformation of machinery and equipment to improve production efficiency. In terms of internal management, the Group continued to strengthen management awareness and clarify management responsibilities, implement and enhance supervision and standardise behaviours, and strive to “seize opportunities to improve quality and efficiency”.


With the gradual introduction of new products such as collagen rice noodles, collagen drinks, bovine collagen and beef tendon to the market, they also gained wide recognition from consumers. The collagen oatmeal, newly developed by the Group, also attracted customers’ attention when launched and it is expected that the market of this product will have more promising prospect.


The Group further improved the quality of skincare products, continuously upgraded product formula, and changed its marketing strategies according to market development trend and adopted an online-oriented marketing strategies supplemented by offline marketing to promote the sales of collagen masks, collagen extracts and collagen superior, and gradually gained consumer recognition.


Guangdong Victory Biotech Co., Ltd. (“Guangdong Victory”) and Wuzhou Victory Biotech Co., Ltd. (“Wuzhou Victory”) have obtained the dual certification of ISO13485 and ISO22442 from the European Union. Guangdong Victory has filed to the Guangdong provincial authorities regarding the corporate standards on six products including Fibrous Type I Collagen (Q/SCSW2-2017), Medical Soluble Type I Collagen (Q/SCSW3-2017) and Collagen Wound Dressing (Q/SCSW4-2017). Wuzhou Victory also obtained the production permits for 2 Type I medical device products, including “band-aids” and “liquid dressing”.