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Shenguan is principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of edible collagen sausage casing products, pharmaceutical products, food products, skin care and health care products and collagen medical devices.


During 2022 (“the Period”), the Group carried out its work by centering on “stabilising quality, expanding new products and maintaining production capacity” in the collagen sausage casings industry. The Group continued to take stabilising the quality of collagen sausage casings products as its top priority, and implemented the accountability system and supervision system from the production segment to the sales segment to ensure the normal operation of facilities and equipment as well as proper production operation, so as to guarantee product quality. The Group had completed some R&D and technical renovation projects, through which the Group will increase production capacity and reduce production costs without increasing the sites. In terms of internal management, the Group continued to strengthen management awareness and clarify management responsibilities, implement and enhance supervision and standardize behaviours.


the Group’s products already include collagen rice noodles, collagen drinks, beef tendon and collagen oatmeal. In order to enrich the product range, the Group obtained the production licence for collagen oat drinks during the Period and made various preparations for mass production.


the Group further improved the quality of skincare products, continuously upgraded product formula, changed its marketing strategies according to market development trends and adopted an online-oriented marketing strategies supplemented by offline marketing to promote the sales of collagen masks, collagen extracts and collagen superior, and gradually gained consumer recognition.


Guangdong Victory Biotech Co., Ltd. (“Guangdong Victory”) and Wuzhou Victory Biotech Co., Ltd. (“Wuzhou Victory”) have obtained the dual certification of ISO13485 and ISO22442 from the European Union. We have filed the medical collagen raw materials on the enterprise website published by relevant state authorities, which will help improve the legal feasibility of customers’ selection of the Group’s medical collagen raw materials. The “collagen bone filling biomaterials (artificial bone) (膠原蛋白骨填充材料(人工骨))” have been approved by the Ethics Committee of Clinical Trials, and clinical trials are in progress in seven hospitals. We completed the installation of the “band-aids“ production equipment, the Type I medical device products of the Group, with successful trial production, the registration of “disposable sterile dressing”, the Type II medical device products, is in process, and the animal trials and discussions on clinical trial protocols for “in vivo absorbable hemostatic dressing” are underway. The product development of “medical beauty product (small beauty needle)” (醫美產品(小美容針)) has been completed, and the indicator testing before animal trials is in process.