Shenguan Pioneers the New Era of Collagen for 45 Years and Establishes Grand Health Industry Layout of “Three Developments and One Core" to Capture Trillion-Dollar Market

11 Jun 2024

As the collagen market maintains robust growth in 2024, Shenguan Group, China's leading collagen sausage casing enterprise, celebrates its 45th anniversary of corporate development and the 15th anniversary of its listing in Hong Kong. The Group has formally reached a record high production capacity of 7 billion meters, firmly maintaining its position at the top of the domestic market. From overcoming foreign technological barriers and developing the first collagen sausage casing of China to owning three world-first core technologies, Shenguan Group has now become a world-class enterprise, accounting for one-third of the global collagen sausage casing production capacity.

Currently, multiple segments in the collagen market have become investment hotspots, and Shenguan Group is accelerating the development of its grand health industry layout of “Three Developments and One Core". Leveraging its core collagen technology with a complete triple helix structure, it further solidifies its leading position in the collagen sausage casing market. Meanwhile, the Group has been expanding into its three key industries: collagen food products, collagen skincare products and collagen medical biomaterials, in order to stimulate the potential of the industrial chain and capture the grand health market with a trillion-dollar volume.

Serving as the TOP3 in the world and No.1 in China, Shenguan has reshaped the global layout of the collagen sausage casing market

China Shenguan Group is currently one of the world's top three collagen sausage casing manufacturers. In fact, the casings for 7 out of every 10 sausages produced in China come from Shenguan. Indeed, Shenguan Group has won various “champion” titles in the collagen sausage casing market in China and emerged as the creator and leader within the domestic industry. The Group also successfully reshaped the global landscape of the collagen sausage casing market, which had been previously dominated by European enterprises for a long time.

In 1979, Ms. Zhou Yaxian, the current Chairman of the Board of Shenguan Holdings Group, led a team and started the research and development of collagen sausage casing.
In 1989, Shenguan team manufactured the first collagen sausage casing in China with its original innovative technology.
In 1992, Shenguan team successfully reconstructed the production line of the first generation of collagen sausage casing in China. 
In 2009, Shenguan Group was the first industrial enterprise from Guangxi to be listed in Hong Kong, ushering in a new era of accelerated development.
Since 2013, Shenguan's collagen sausage casing production capacity has accounted for more than one-third of the world's total.
In 2024, Shenguan Group's annual collagen sausage casing production capacity reached 7 billion meters, ranking the first of the world. The products are exported to markets across Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States, further expanding its global presence.

It took European and American collagen sausage casing technology 100 years to evolve from the research and development stage to widespread market application and global dominance, while Shenguan Group managed to completely outpace its international rivals in just 30 years and become one of the world's largest collagen sausage casing manufacturers. Shenguan Group is undoubtedly a pioneer in China's collagen sausage casing market. Its corporate growth history mirrors the development of the industry and has had a profound impact on society on a larger scale.

Three World's First Technological Breakthroughs Driving the Development of the Meat Product Industry 

Throughout Shenguan Group's 45 years’ history, its self-developed collagen technology has always been its core strength. Through technological innovation, it has not only led the revolution of the industry, but also continued to empower the downstream industry chain and create greater social value.

Shenguan Group insists on comprehensive integrated innovation driven by independent intellectual property core technology, and has invented three world's first collagen sausage casings production technologies, namely, “dry and wet mixing production process of collagen sausage casings, continuous production mode of collagen extraction, and hot air energy technology for drying sausage casings”. 

By adopting the dry production process in the early stages of its development, Shenguan Group helped traditional sausage manufacturers save more than 50% of the price of imported sausage casings, and transformed from handmade to mechanized and automated production, which greatly improved production efficiency and scale. In addition, on the basis of a single air-dried type of sausage casings, Shenguan Group has successfully developed western-style low-temperature sausage casings that are comparable to those in Europe and the United States, which has directly led to the prosperous development of China's sausage industry.

“Shenguan collagen sausage casings have revolutionized the meat product industry in China.” China Meat Association highly praised this.

Over the years, Shenguan Group has been far ahead of the industry in terms of scientific research strength, obtaining more than 120 patents in China, overseas patents, foreign patents, and more than 60 awards including The Third Class Prize in National Science and Technology Advancement Award (國家科技進步三等獎), The National Innovative Industrial Product Award (國家級新產品獎), Chinese Patent Award of Excellence (中國專利優秀獎), as well as provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress awards and new product awards, and more than 100 technologies and products to fill the gaps in the domestic market. As a leading enterprise in the industry, Shenguan Group is also responsible for drafting and revising the national Hygiene Standard for Collagen Sausage Casings and the national Industrial Standard for Collagen Sausage Casings.

Strengthening R&D, Expanding the Value Chain - "Three Developments and One Core" Strategy for the Trillion Grand Health Market

The collagen market has huge potential. Shenguan Group has synchronized with the national “13th Five-Year Plan” for the development of strategic emerging industries to enter the grand health industry. Based on 45 years of technological innovation and a number of reform initiatives, Shenguan Group has achieved significant results in the “Three Developments and One Core” industry, forming a unique technological and product advantages, and steadily stimulating tens of billions of industrial potentials.

In the field of collagen sausage casings, Shenguan Group will lead the development of the industry with innovative technology to enhance its production capacity and promote product optimization. Currently, Shenguan Group has the world's largest variety of sausage casing products with the most complete specifications, and in 2024, the production capacity of Shenguan Group's collagen sausage casings products will exceed 7 billion meters, which will set a new record in the industry. 

In the field of collagen food products, Shenguan Group is committed to promoting the innovative application of collagen in the food field, and has developed a series of bovine collagen food represented by “ready-to-eat beef tendon” with collagen as the main ingredient, as well as collagen oatmeal, brown sugar ginger tea and other health food products, to cater the varying dietary habits and needs of consumers through a diversified product portfolio. 

In the field of collagen skincare products, leveraging its distinctive high-activity collagen technologies, Shenguan Group has created a range of products including collagen essence, collagen masks and collagen hand creams. Infused with highly active collagen, these products facilitate better absorption, providing consumers with safe, gentle and more effective high-quality skincare products.

In the field of collagen medical biomaterials, Shenguan Group utilizes cutting-edge collagen extraction technology to empower medical applications while addressing the issue of costly and inaccessible imported collagen medical materials. Through its proprietary technology, Shenguan Group achieves a low endotoxin content of only 0.01EU/ml in its extracted medical collagen, surpassing the U.S. FDA standard of 0.5EU/ml. Currently, Shenguan Group is accelerating the introduction of animal-derived collagen into the market of collagen medical device products, including collagen artificial bone, collagen sponges, collagen dressings and small cosmetic needles. 

With 45 years of independent research and development experience and accomplishments, Shenguan Group is intensifying its investment in scientific research and constructing a new platform for quality productivity development, as to foster the synergistic growth of the entire forward-looking industrial chain, promote a green, healthy and high-quality development in the industry, and strive to establish a legacy of "World Shenguan, Centennial Shenguan".


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