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Guangxi Kaiguan Biotechnology Company Limited Grandly Opens
16 Sep 2015

Guangxi Kaiguan Biotechnology Company Limited, a subsidiary of Shenguan Holdings (Group) Limited, held its grand opening on 16 September, 2015. Owned as to 60% by Wuzhou Shenguan Protein Casing Co., Ltd., which is the Group’s subsidiary, Guangxi Kaiguan mainly produces calcium oxide, a food additive. The company is the first enterprise to have received a permit to produce the food additive in Guangxi.

Shenguan Group has been placing great emphasis on food safety and has earlier established a leading independent third-party non-governmental food inspection institution, Guangxi Wuzhou Zhongguan Testing Technology Services Co., Ltd, in Guangxi to ensure the Group’s food safety and provide authoritative food inspection services for society. The launch of Guangxi Kaiguan will help to enhance the Group’s food safety.

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