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16 Apr 2018 Wuzhou Shenguan Protein Casing Co., Ltd. and Wuzhou Shensheng Collagen Products Co., Ltd. of Shenguan Holdings Group have been honoured again.
16 Dec 2017 Shenguan Holdings (Group) Limited Accredited 2017 The Best Social Responsibility Award of China Listed Companies
15 Sep 2017 The Group’s SHENGUAN Collagen Casing Continues to Receive the “Guangxi Famous Brand Product” Title
14 Aug 2017 Shenguan Chairman Zhou Yaxian was selected for the 2016 Innovative Talent Promotion Program by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China
19 Nov 2016 Shenguan Group’s Wuzhou Shenguan Protein Casing Co. Ltd. Accredited the 3rd Autonomous Region Chairman Quality Award
12 Oct 2016 Shenguan Holdings Taps into the Health Industry Outlines a New Blueprint for Collagen Applications
20 Sep 2016 Shenguan Group’s Wuzhou Shenguan Protein Casing Co. Ltd. was Ranked 44th Among the "2015 Top 50 Manufacturers of Guangxi" and 46th Among "2015 Top 50 Private Enterprises of Guangxi"
20 Sep 2016 Shenguan Group's Wuzhou Shenguan Protein Casing Co., Ltd. Awarded the Honorable Title of “Guangxi Outstanding Enterprise for the year of 2014-2015”
02 Sep 2016 Chairlady Zhou Yaxian was praised “Outstanding party workers of the Communist Party of China”
24 May 2016 Shenguan Holdings Group)’s Subsidiary Wuzhou Shenguan Protein Casing Co., Ltd. Remains the Accolade as “High-tech Enterprise”
24 May 2016 “Thin Collagen Sausage Casings” of Shenguan Holdings Group’s Subsidiary Wuzhou Shenguan Protein Casing Co., Ltd. Wins Innovative Industrial Product of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Award
24 May 2016 Shenguan Holdings Group’s Subsidiary Wuzhou Shenguan Protein Casing Co., Ltd. Named “IUR Integration Enterprise of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region”
24 May 2016 Shenguan Holdings (Group)’s Subsidiary Wuzhou Shenguan Protein Casing Co., Ltd. Awarded Two Accolades Including the "Innovative Enterprise for Executing Performance Excellence Model in Guangxi"
27 Apr 2016 Shenguan’s Two Projects Wins Third Prize of Guangxi Science and Technology Advancement for 2015
17 Feb 2016 Dedicated to good governance and innovation for development ——Shenguan Celebrates the Year Start in 2016
29 Sep 2015 Meat Packaging Material Production Enterprise with the Most Valuable Brand (China Meat Association)
24 Sep 2015 Guangxi Wuzhou Zhongguan Testing Technology Services Co., Ltd of Shenguan Group Signs Collaboration Agreement with Wuzhou University to Train Talents
16 Sep 2015 Guangxi Kaiguan Biotechnology Company Limited Grandly Opens
04 Sep 2015 Shenguan Holdings (Group)’s Subsidary Wuzhou Shenguan Protein Casing Co., Ltd. Awarded Three Accolades Including “2015 Top 100 Enterprises of Guangxi”
14 Jul 2015 Shenguan Group wins award for research on thin collagen sausage casing development
26 Jun 2015 Shenguan Holdings (Group) Limited Wins “CAPITAL Outstanding China Enterprise Awards” Again from Capital Magazine
28 May 2015 Shenguan’s Environmental Protection Technology Wins Second Prize of Guangxi Science and Technology Advancement
08 Apr 2015 Congratulations to Guangxi Wuzhou Zhong Guan Inspection Technology Services Company, Shenguan Holdings (Group) Limited’s subsidiary, for being accredited as independent third-party food inspection institution
25 Mar 2015 Anonymous Analytics Gives Shenguan “Strong Buy” Investment Rating
23 Mar 2015 Shenguan Appoints Medical Expert Dr. Bin-Bing Zhou
21 Mar 2015 Shenguan Holdings (Group) Wuzhou Shenguan Protein Casing Co., Ltd. Forms Strategic Partnership with Technology Centre of Guangxi Entry-Exit Inspection Quarantine Bureau
25 Feb 2015 Shenguan Holds Ceremony for Resuming Work in Chinese New Year
25 Feb 2015 Shenguan Group Holds Lunar New Year’s Gala
10 Feb 2015 Shenguan’s Brand Value Amounts to RMB5.663 billion
28 Jan 2015 Shenguan Holdings (Group)’s “Industrialized Production of Western Low-temperature Collagen Sausage Casing” included as exemplary project in China Torch Program 2014
05 Jan 2015 Shenguan Holdings (Group) Wuzhou Shenguan Protein Casing Co., Ltd. Wins the First "Mayor Quality Award" in Wuzhou City
05 Jan 2015 Shenguan Supports Charitable Causes to Alleviate Poverty in Society
11 Dec 2014 Shenguan Removed from “Designated Securities Eligible for Short Selling” by the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited
03 Dec 2014 Shenguan Holdings (Group) Limited Wins Again “The Excellence of Listed Enterprise Awards”
26 Nov 2014 Congratulations to Shenguan Holdings (Group) Limited on Becoming an Eligible Stock for Northbound Trading under the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect Scheme
30 Oct 2014 ​Shenguan Awarded “Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprises 2014” by Economic Digest
13 Oct 2014 Shenguan Holdings (Group) Limited Celebrates Fifth Anniversary of its Listing
16 Sep 2014 SHENGUAN Collagen Casing Wins Guangxi Famous Brand Product Title Again
07 Aug 2014 Shenguan Organizes Military Training for Employees to Lift Their Execution Ability
24 Jul 2014 Wuzhou Shenguan recognized for contribution to Guangxi’s economy
03 Jul 2014 Two Shenguan Projects Included in Guangxi Science and Technology Program 2014
02 Jul 2014 Shenguan received “The 9th CAPITAL Outstanding China Enterprise Awards – Outstanding Enterprise of China Meat Food Industry” from Capital Magazine
24 Jun 2014 Shenguan Named “Leading Enterprises in China Meat Industry 2014” (China Meat Association)
24 Jun 2014 Shenguan’s research on recycling waste heat using heat pump technology won the Wuzhou Science and Technology Advancement Second Prize
14 May 2014 Approved Pilot Scheme for Guangdong-Guangxi Cooperation to Facilitate Shenguan’s Development
10 Feb 2014 Production Information System Project of Wuzhou Shenguan Protein Sausage Casing Co. Ltd Passed Appraisal Inspection
10 Feb 2014 Shenguan Commended its Outstanding Work Units and Employees
05 Feb 2014 神冠集團舉行2014年春節開工儀式 (Provide Chinese version only)
25 Nov 2013 Shenguan Holdings (Group) Limited Wins IAIR AWARD of the “Best Company for Leadership”
19 Nov 2013 Shenguan Holdings (Group) Limited Wins“the Excellence of Listed Enterprises Award”
12 Oct 2013 Shenguan Chairman Ms. Zhou Yaxian won “Influential Entrepreneur of China Meat Product Industry” title
09 Sep 2013 3 Projects of Wuzhou Shenguan included in Science and Technology Projects of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region for 2013
30 Aug 2013 Wuzhou Shenguan Protein Casing Co., Ltd designated as Wuzhou innovative enterprise and Wuzhou model enterprise for informatization in manufacturing industry
19 Aug 2013 Statement concerning false information relating to cooperation between our management and other entities or any technology transfer
16 Aug 2013 Declaration about Management cooperates with Other Entities or Technology Transfers
31 Jul 2013 Shenguan Included in Forbes Asia’s Asia's 200 Best Under a Billion List
26 Jul 2013 Non-executive Director Dato 'Seri Low Jee Keong bestowed SSSAP Honours
10 Jul 2013 Introduction of collagen sausage casings
26 Jun 2013 Shenguan Thankful to See Dreams Come True
16 May 2013 Shenguan Included in MSCI Global Small Cap China Index
09 Apr 2013 Wuzhou Shenguan Protein Casing Co. Ltd. Confirmed to be China's Authorized Enterprise for the Production of Special Commodities for Ethnic Minorities During the "Twelfth Five-year Plan"
14 Mar 2013 Wuzhou Shenguan Protein Sausage Casing Co. Ltd. Accredited “Enterprise of Quality and Integrity in China”
07 Mar 2013 Shenguan Obtained Permission for the Construction of “Guangxi Collagen Engineering Technology Research Center”
26 Feb 2013 Party Secretary Peng Qinghua of Guangxi visits Shenguan’s factory in Wangfu
20 Feb 2013 Shenguan held a New Year ceremony and Spring Sports Games
02 Feb 2013 Shenguan Group (Holdings) Limited Held New Year Gathering to Celebrate the Year of the Snake
01 Feb 2013 Organic Fertilizer Production Line Successfully Commenced Production
01 Feb 2013 Shenguan’s Cellulose Production Line Starts Operation
28 Dec 2012 Wuzhou Shenguan completed the Installation of Production Lines
26 Nov 2012 Shenguan Holdings (Group) Limited included in the list of Designated Securities Eligible for Short Selling of The Hong Kong Stock Exchange
11 Oct 2012 Shenguan Named 2012 Most Valued Brand in China Meat Industry ("神冠"獲2012中國肉類食品行業最具價值品牌)
13 Jul 2012 Shenguan Holdings (Group) Limited Participated in 2012 China (Qinghai) International Muslim Food and Supplies Exhibition
09 Jul 2012 Shenguan Group Celebrates 8th Anniversary of Wuzhou Shenguan Collagen Sausage Casings Company, and Commencement of Production of Wangfu Production Base
21 Jun 2012 Wuzhou Shenguan Collagen Sausage Casing Limited Celebrates its 8th Anniversary and the Completion of Wangfu Production Base
18 May 2012 Shenguan Holdings (Group) Limited Granted Halal Certificate
20 Feb 2012 Heat Energy Technology Listed as 2012 Guangxi 100 Billion Dollars Key Project in Technological Industry
04 Feb 2012 Wuzhou Shenguan Protein Casing Co., Ltd. (Wuzhou Shenguan II) Calls 2012 Management Review Meeting
30 Jan 2012 Shenguan Holdings (Group) Limited Held Work Commencement Ceremony and Lunar New Year Games Day
16 Jan 2012 Shenguan Celebrates the Year of Dragon - Shenguan Holdings (Group) Limited’s 2012 Chinese New Year Party
21 Nov 2011 Guo Shengkun Paid Visit to Sifu Production Base of Shenguan
20 Nov 2011 Jia Qinlin Paid Visit to Shenguan
04 Nov 2011 Chinameat.cn: Worldwatch Institute: The World’s Meat Production and Consumption are on the Rising Trend
01 Nov 2011 Shenguan Named One of the "First Innovative Enterprises in Guangxi"
01 Nov 2011 Shenguan Named One of the "First Outstanding Innovative Private Enterprise in Guangxi"
28 Sep 2011 Chairman Zhou Yaxin was awarded the honorable title "Guangxi Top Ten Female Entrepreneur"
21 Sep 2011 Chairman Zhou Yaxin was elected as Chairman of second council of Guangxi Female Entrepreneur Association
02 Sep 2011 Wuzhou Shenguan Collagen Sausage Casings Company Limited Actively Develops R&D Innovation and Acquires Government Subsidies
03 Jun 2011 Dryers Manufacturing Contract Granted to the Disabled -- Shenguan Holdings continues its care towards the disabled
03 Jun 2011 Shenguan – The 9th China International Meat Industry Exhibition 2011
18 May 2011 The Group's "Model-WEF Western Sausage Casing" was awarded the "Second Prize in Wuzhou Science and Technology Advancement"
18 May 2011 Shenguan Commences Quality Control System and Food Safety Management System Training
18 May 2011 Senior Management of Shenguan Holdings (Group) Limited Participated in Military Training
26 Apr 2011 Mr. Liu Zhiyong, Secretary of Wuzhou Municipal Committee Visited Shenguan on 25 April 2011
12 Apr 2011 Shenguan Attended 2011 Forbes China Best SME Investment Forum and Award Ceremony
20 Mar 2011 鼓舞精神,激揚鬥志;2011,繼續給力!(Provide Chinese version only)
11 Feb 2011 梧州神冠蛋白腸衣有限公司 - 誠聘銷售人員啟事
14 Dec 2010 President Zhou Yaxian Named as "Glorious Person of Wuzhou"
20 Sep 2010 Wuzhou Shenguan Steps Up on the Production of "Islam Collagen Casings"
16 Sep 2010 Establishment of Wuzhou Shenguan Protein Casing Company Limited Technology Association
26 Aug 2010 梧州神冠蛋白腸衣有限公司 - 誠聘各類管理人員啓事
28 Apr 2010 神冠公司向玉樹捐款50萬元
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