Contribute Individual and Collective Efforts to Overcoming Common Hurdles for Victory: Shenguan Holdings Actively Supports Medical Front Line during Epidemic

24 Feb 2020

Since the novel coronavirus outbreak erupted, Shenguan Holdings (Group) Limited (the “Group”) has been paying close attention to the developments in the healthcare front line. As a prominent collagen casing supplier in Mainland China, the Group, while making due arrangements for COVID-19 prevention, has pulled out all the stops to meet the demand for sausage fillings from downstream players for stable food supply by overcoming difficulties in continuing production during the Spring Festival. Upon realising the shortage of supply for daily necessities in areas being affected by the epidemic, the Group arranged for its subsidiaries to increase working hours and input to continue production to meet the demand in Wuhan, resulting in it manufacturing 1000 cases of Deity Hotpot Rice Noodles in several days and donating materials worth RMB 450,000 to Wuhan first thing on 31 January.

Afterwards, the Group continued its efforts by donating to the epidemic-stricken place a second batch of materials worth RMB 4 million, which included Shengmai Liquor, Original Collagen Extract and Collagen Extract, Collagen Brown Sugar Ginger Drink, and Deity Hotpot Rice Noodles, which are manufactured by the Group’s Guangxi Wuzhou Sanjian Pharmaceutical Company Limited, Guangxi Luxianna Biotechnology Development Company Limited, Guangxi Jiaoao Shangpin Food Co., Ltd. and Nanning Shangguan Food Co., Ltd. respectively.

The materials donated by the Group are all urgently needed by frontline healthcare workers for the “battle”: Original Collagen Extract and Collagen Extract can effectively moisturise and nurse health workers’ damaged facial skin caused by wearing protective gear for a long time and their cracked hand skin from frequently washing their hands; Collagen Brown Sugar Ginger Drink fends off the cold, warms the stomach and rapidly replenishes energy and protein; Deity Hotpot Rice Noodles, which can be self-heated with a bottle of mineral water, allows anti-epidemic workers to consume hot and nutritious rice noodles anytime, anywhere, replenishing their energy and free from worries about food contamination.

On 20 February, with its ordered protective gear just arriving from abroad, the Group contacted Wuzhou Health Commission and Wuzhou Red, through which it had 300 protective gowns, 950 isolation gowns, 1120 surgical masks delivered to the anti-epidemic front line, so as to contribute its share to safeguarding the health of medical workers.

As we are on the same boat overcoming the same difficulties, we ought to contribute our combined efforts from the bottom of our heart! Moving forward, the Group will continue participating in the battle against the novel coronavirus with actual actions by working overtime to manufacture more urgent supplies for the “epidemic fight”!