Multiple Anti-epidemic Measures to Ensure Orderly Work Resumption

17 Feb 2020

Since Spring Festival, the novel coronavirus has been spreading. In order to continue meeting the demand for food during the epidemic, Shenguan Holdings (Group) Limited (hereinafter referred to as the “Group”), as a prominent ingredient supplier in the enema industry, made every effort to ensure production during the Lunar New Year period on the basis of proper epidemic control and prevention measures.

In its Diagnosis and Treatment of Pneumonitis Caused by Novel Coronavirus (trial version 4) published on 27 January 2020, the National Health Commission recommended the use of Chinese patent drugs including Huo Hsiang Cheng Chi Shui – one of whose manufacturers is the Group’s subsidiary Guangxi Wuzhou Sanjian Pharmaceutical Company Limited (“Sanjian Pharmaceutical”) – for patients displaying the clinical symptoms of fatigue and gastrointestinal upset during the early medical observation period. In Sanjian Pharmaceutical’s major product portfolio, anti-flu and cough medicines widely include Compound Flu Granules; Compound Fast-acting Cough Granules; Anti-inflammatory and Antipyretic Granules; Cough and Flu Syrup; Snake Bile and Fritillaria Liquid; Snake Gall Chenpi Tablets; Pediatric Paracetamol, Atificial Cow-bezoar and Chlorphenamine Maleate Granules / Tablets; and Pediatric Aspirin and Paracetamol Tablets. To meet the requirements from the Chinese government for preventing and controlling the epidemic, during the Lunar New Year period, Sanjian Pharmaceutical overcame various obstacles by increasing working hours and production lines for manufacturing drugs, so as to meet market demand and contribute to the battle against the epidemic.

With approval from the regional authorities, as of 10 February, Wuzhou Shenguan Protein Casing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Group, had fully resumed production.

Determined to prevent and control the epidemic and resume production, the Group fulfilled the requirements of its superior governmental authorities by introducing multiple measures to ensure staff safety and prevent cross-infection. The measures include setting up a leadership group for epidemic prevention, formulating early work resumption plans as required and launching a series of management regulations governing the vehicles of its employees and external parties, anti-epidemic materials and education, and the whole process for work resumption of transportation, factory entry, manufacturing and meal consumption by staff. To ensure epidemic prevention and control and smooth work resumption, the Group implements stringent approval for and health monitoring of its staff.

On the morning of 10 February, city leader Zhong Changzi entered the Group, where he listened to the Group’s Chairman and President Zhou Yaxian illustrating the Group’s development, which included its production resumption situation, epidemic prevention and control efforts, and development problems and difficulties. Zhong indicated that the Group is one of Guangxi’s key enterprises, so he hoped everyone will utilise its advantages to strengthen innovation, grasp development opportunities and extend its presence in the industry chain, in an effort to achieve new development and breakthroughs. Also, Zhong inspected the Group’s stock of production materials, staff meal arrangement situation, etc. and requested it strictly fulfil its responsibilities for epidemic prevention and control and implement stringent measures to fully keep track of employees’ health, so as to achieve orderly work resumption on the basis of adequate efforts to prevent and control the epidemic.